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Experience the Spark of Pyrocosmic Performance Troupe

Expressive. Passionate. Creative. 


About Us

We are Pyrocosmic Performance Troupe, a creative flow project of dedicated and professional female performers based out of Raleigh, NC. Together, we offer a diverse collection of multi-prop LED and fire performances, both individual and/or group to enhance your event.

Pyrocosmic Performance Troupe was founded in late 2022 when a group of 6 flow artists came together with the idea of creating a unique project to showcase our talents and creativity. Our movement styles are instinctual, passionate, and expressive as we connect to each other, the music, and the audience. Our ultimate goal is to express music through movement and enhance the connection and energy to the crowd for any event! We would love to work with you to cater our unique choreography, style, and flow to bring the vision for your event to life!  

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Hoop / Iso Hoop / Multi Hoop / Fans / Dragon Staff / Double Staff / Palm Torches / Headdress & Sword / Wings

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Hoop / Multi Hoop / Fans /
Dragon Staff / Double Staff 

Day Flow/ Character Acts / Workshops / Stilting & More 


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